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  • Winter 2020: Attwater’s Prairie-Chickens, Oklahoma Breeding Bird Atlas II, Eagle cam installation, Sage-grouse capture, Masked Bobwhites, John Toepfer portrait, Harold Price, artists for Sutton Center, Education program challenge grant, Wild Brew, eagle nest monitoring BEST program, Animal ambassadors, Sutton Award. Download now
  • Summer 2020: Oklahoma Breeding Bird Atlas II, Attwater’s Prairie-Chickens, Sage-grouse trapping, Sutton Award, Jim Harman, Miranda Adams, Masked Bobwhites, Wild Brew, Barbara Joyce. Download now
  • Winter 2019: Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken, Wild Brew, Sam Daniel, bird declines, John Toepfer monument and scholarship, welcome Aaron Pratt, welcome Ariel Wapnick, PGTC meeting, Masked Bobwhite. Download now  
  • Summer 2019: Bald Eagle nest surveys, Bald Eagle webcam, Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken eggs, Oklahoma Breeding Bird Atlas II, Masked Bobwhite project, Bruce Beehler visit, new board members, Carl the prairie-chicken, John Toepfer remembered, Sutton Award, aviculturists. Download now
  • Winter 2018: Nest camera update, John Toepfer memorial, Wild Brew 2018, Leks, Masked Bobwhite rearing and releasing, Greater Prairie-Chicken rearing and releasing, OOS Merit Award, Kirby Lehman, International Grouse Symposium, Education Program volunteer recruitment, Sutton Award. Download now
  • Summer 2018: Prairie-Chicken releases, Year of the Bird, White-tailed Ptarmigan update, Masked Bobwhite update, grouse hybrids, Sutton friends lost, saving Lilly, Sutton Award, new aviculturist. Download now
  • Winter 2017: Masked Bobwhites, White-tailed Ptarmigan update, night-trapping prairie-chickens, Hamerstrom Award, prairie-chicken transport boxes, Oklahoma Winter Bird Atlas book, Sage-Grouse book, Henslow’s Sparrow surveys, Wild Brew 2017. Download now
  • Summer 2017: Wildfire at the Sutton Center, Greater Prairie-Chickens, project and breeding facility updates, Cape Griffons, Joel Sartore photo shoot, George Archibald visit, eagle nest destroyed by a storm, Sutton Award 2017, ONE award finalist, new development director. Download now
  • Winter 2016: Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken breeding facility, Becky Dixon, Masked Bobwhite update, ptarmigan update, award news, Wild Brew, Sutton rifle. Download now
  • Summer 2016: Sutton Center changes, Lead education, Lesser Prairie-Chicken surveys, Bald Eagle nest monitoring, Sutton Awards, PhotoArk exhibit. Download now
  • Winter 2015: Prairie-chicken, quail, and ptarmigan updates, fall picnic, volunteer day. Download now
  • Summer 2015: STCP gift, Sutton Awards, 30th anniversary gala, severe weather and eagle nests, storms affect nesting birds, education updates, Golden Eagles, cicadas. Download now
  • Winter 2014: Bald Eagle tracking, Lesser Prairie-Chicken research, White-tailed Ptarmigan surveys, Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken breeding facility, Wildlife Expo, 30th anniversary gala, Wild Brew. Download now
  • Summer 2014: Wildfires and prescribed burns, prairie-chickens, Bald Eagles, Sutton exhibit, Sutton Awards. Download now
  • Winter 2013: 30th anniversary special issue. Download now
  • Summer 2013: Eagle nest cameras, Sutton scholarship awards, eagle tracking, Lesser Prairie-Chickens, Fly Fishing Film Tour, eagle nest surveys, hornbills hatch. Download now
  • Winter 2012: White-tailed Ptarmigan, Lesser Prairie-Chicken, grouse symposium, parrot conservation, eagle tracking, education staff, tarantulas, Fly Fishing Film Tour, Wild Brew. Download now
  • Summer 2012: Sutton Center education program birds, new grouse book, ptarmigan, Lesser-Prairie Chickens, Attwater’s Prairie-Chickens, Bald Eagle nest falls, Sutton scholarship awards. Download now
  • Winter 2011: Bald Eagle nest camera, Lesser Prairie-Chicken, ptarmigan, Christmas Bird Count, Jenkins retirement, number of bird species, Wild Brew. Download now
  • Summer 2011: Swainson’s Warbler, Sutton scholarships, Lesser Prairie-Chicken, ptarmigan, Bald Eagle tracking, Sutton volunteer spotlight, education program. Download now
  • Winter 2010: Grand Canyon eagle adventure, dragonflies, ptarmigan, Bald Eagle tracking, Lesser Prairie-Chicken, Acorn Woodpecker behavior. Download now
  • Summer 2010: Bald Eagle satellite tracking, Bald Eagle nest surveys, genetic diversity, Sutton field trips, Sutton picnic.Download now
  • Winter 2009: Wildlife Expo, fence marking, Oaks and Praries Joint Venture, Song Sparrow, Lena Larsson, Prarie Grouse Technical Council, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Award, Wild Brew, “bubbler rock” water feature. Download now
  • Summer 2009: Bald Eagle nests, American Woodcock, Bald Eagle nest camera, ring species, captive breeding, Sutton Awards, Howard Burman, Ford Escape, Sutton picnic. Download now
  • Winter 2008: Winter Bird Atlas, Marsh Birds, International Grouse Symposium, Wildlife Expo, Sutton Awards, White House Conference, Wild Brew, Sutton volunteers. Download now
  • Spring 2008: Natural History Forum and scholarships, Big Sit, Lesser Prairie-Chickens, Wind power, Nest Camera, Remodeling, New staff, Nest boxes, Golden Eagle. Download now
  • Winter 2007: Marsh birds of Oklahoma, New Mexico’s other grouse, Rwanda, Birds of Four Canyon Preserve, Bald Eagles, Education programs, Wild Brew, Fallen comrades, Peregrine Falcon, Sutton Picnic. Download now
  • Spring 2007: Eagle nest camera, Winter Bird Atlas, Prairie-Chickens, Sandhill Crane, Education van, Natural History Forum and scholarship, NatureWorks award. Download now
  • Winter 2006: Mexican bird declines, Bald Eagle nests, The Wildlife Society meeting, Attu Song Sparrows, North American Ornithological Conference, Wild Brew, It’s All About Birds education program, Christin Pruett, Sutton Picnic. Download now
  • Summer 2006: Bald Eagle nest camera, ecological “traps”, Greater Roadrunner, wind energy, hornbill health, 2006 Sutton Natural History Forum and Scholarships, It’s All About Birds education program. Download now
  • Winter 2005: Sutton Center education program, hurricanes and prairie-chickens, Oklahoma Winter Bird Atlas, Bald Eagle nests, Wild Brew, grouse in Nebraska and France, Brown Thrasher ecology. Download now
  • Summer 2005: Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken, Wild Brew, Future research in Mexico, Trapping prairie-chickens, Eagle head puppets, Sutton Scholarship Award, Sutton picnic. Download now
  • Winter 2004: Lesser Prairie-Chicken mortality, Ornithological meetings, Ecological traps in the tallgrass prairie, Analyzing data and testing hypotheses, Artificial nest structure for Bald Eagles. Download now
  • Summer 2004: Cowbird parasitism, Winter Bird Atlas, Bird’s Eye View, Bald Eagles, Lesser Prairie-Chicken, Neil Rettig.Download now
  • Spring 2004: (20th anniversary issue): A look back 20 years; Lesser Prairie-Chickens, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Award, Oklahoma Winter Bird Atlas, Bald Eagles, Quail sales. Download now
  • Summer 2003: grassland birds, new Sutton staff, Sutton BBQ, Bald Eagle survey, Salton Sea, Pileated Woodpecker, prairie-chickens, Dean Amadon. Download now
  • Winter 2002: Bioblitz, Bald Eagle news, Joel Sartore, Lesser Prairie-Chickens, Prairie Falcon, Sutton Center renovation.Download now

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